The beautiful thing about this sticker system is that it’s adaptable. There’s no one way to configure –or tell –your story. How you combine the Distance, the Race and the Personalized pieces is really up to you. Still, we thought we’d offer you some suggestions based on the bumpers of a few runner friends of ours.


The Jack-of-all-Trades
This runner is perpetually prepared for whatever the weekend has in store… no matter the distance. 5K in someone’s backyard? Sure. A race so long, you need to eat whole pizzas to get through it? Can’t wait. There is no distance they shy away from because they’ve done them all.


The Hustler
Did they take a break? What’s the mileage total for the year? How many pairs of shoes is that? Anyways, kudos to them. They love to race… all the time.



The Sightseer
They’re on a race, alright. A race for airline miles. For them, the race is the vacation. Believe me, we get it and we love it. These runners are like travel agents for other runners. They know all the spots to eat, to stay, to do a shakeout run.


The Free Thinker
Yeah, they’ve run some races. A lot of races in some cases (A+ for rhyming!). But mostly, they just love to get out there, meet people and have fun with it. The Hustler may disagree but understands and welcomes the need for balance. This runner is voted most likely to not start a race until her story is over.

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